VVinner Music publish groundbreaking music education books

Noam has spent the last year writing and creating a groundbreaking series of music tuition books for guitar and drums.

The series of books titled ‘Unlocking the Secrets’ have been created to complement one to one tuition and to assist both teachers and students.

The books have been designed to reveal the secrets of becoming a successful musician. They encourage students to develop their skills using the most efficient learning methods according to their technique. Easy to follow and understand with examples and images to help any musician on their learning journey.

Throughout the books, students are encouraged to develop their creativity and individuality as well as enhance both aural and visual skills in order to become the best musician they can be.

VVinner Music believe that everyone learns in a different way and the books will help students to identify the most efficient learning method for them as an individual.

There are three books for each instrument. Each book is for a a different level and has been carefully written to ensure that there will be definite progression and success in playing and learning the instrument alongside using the books.

Series Creator and Author, Noam Lederman said;

“Unlocking the Secrets’ is for anyone of any ability who wants to hone their musical skill and become a great musician. It is so exciting to see the books in print, and we have already had some great feedback. Big thanks to all the musicians and professionals who helped to make this series the best in the field.”

The books are now available to buy through Music Room, Amazon and Hal Leonard.

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  • Click here for the drum series
  • Click here for the guitar series
  • Click here to buy on Amazon

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