VVInner Music Specialists Deliver Top Training in Singapore

Recently Noam arranged for an experienced team of music specialists to travel from London to Singapore to conduct an intense 3 day training session with drum, guitar and vocal teachers from the Academy of Rock Music Schools.

As the drum specialist Noam himself trained a large group of drum teachers. He worked with the teachers on the important aspects of drumming that need to be taught at foundation level. This included; rudiments, posture, grip, coordination and sight reading.Noam also worked with the group on what materials they could use to assist in their teaching. For example; using the syllabus, audio materials and developing structured lesson plans as well as monitoring students progress in a formal manner.

Vocal specialist Salena Mastroianni worked with the vocal teachers and ran workshops that looked at a number of different areas including; basic stretching and anatomy of the vocal chords, larynx and throat area. Salena introduced basic breathing techniques and worked with the group on creating better vocal sounds. Rhythm, technique and pitching were also an integral part of the workshop as well as focusing on the importance of vocal health.

Guitar specialist Tom Fleming led the guitar workshops and began with a session on the importance of posture and being comfortable and relaxed in order to play better and teach better. Tom focussed on different techniques and scale formula. Tom also worked with the group on ear training and sight reading and offered new and different ways to improve teaching techniques to get the best from students.

β€˜The training sessions were brilliant – I have discovered new ways to help my students reach their potential as a result.’ – Drum Teacher

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